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Baby Ayu

"Alegra has helped us to be more organized. We now have access to our accurate financial information and free software support within minutes. The reports we get from Alegra show updated information about our sales. Our business is clean and neat."

Baby AYU

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Trabajando por Amor

"Alegra brought us back to life as it has helped us with our accounting. We have been using this amazing tool since February 2020, it just simplifies the way we record our financial movements and helps us understand our accounting financial status in real time. All this is essential for us as we base our decisions on data to keep our company growing."

Fundación Trabajando por Amor (Nonprofit organization)

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Fundación Outown

"This software gives rural communities that can access the internet, an opportunity to keep track of their accounts payables, cash flow and their clients’ needs, everything in an organized way. It helps us to achieve our main purpose: Empowering communities and transferring knowledge."

Fundación Outown
(Nonprofit organization)

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Facebook usuario Oscar - Alegra

Oscar Javier Orozco Silva

I’m a happy user since 2013, thanks to you I recovers control over my company. I’ve seen how the software evolves year by year. And I can’t help my self but recommending it to all my acquaintances. Congratulations!

Facebook usuario Irvin - Alegra

Irvin Isidor

It is a system that makes my life easier. With Alegra, my business is so much easier to manage. Easy,simple, precise, never fails. It is a tool adapted to the country’s needs. Customer service is really fast, and the staff are very caring. Now the challenge for Alegra is to keep improving the reports,and keep on surprising us. :) I recommend it.

Facebook usuario Pietro - Alegra

Pietro Ilich Gomez Mesa

Hello people of Alegra. I’ve been using your software for more or less a month with two different businesses. I have no words to thank you for having created something with so much fondness and care. Congratulations, you have a great product!

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