Management and Billing System for SMEs

Alegra is the # 1 software designed for Latino entrepreneurs in the USA

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Take control of your business with all the powerful features designed for Latin American entrepreneurs in the USA.

Quick and easy invoicing

  • Generate your sales invoices and quotes with one click.
  • Create, send and print all your invoices from anywhere.
  • It works with a system made in Spanish, with invoices and documents generated in English.

Automated accounting to be always up to date

  • Generate your accounting entries Automatically.
  • Access accounting, administrative, and sales reports from wherever you are.
  • Customize your chart of accounts under International Standards.
  • Receive month by month a complete report on the status of your business.

Take control of your business

  • Control the entry and exit of all your products in real-time.
  • Keep your stock always updated and organized in several warehouses
  • Periodic monitoring of your expenses from the palm of your hand.
  • Register all your payments and expenses caused instantly.

Discover additional solutions to grow your business

Connect Alegra with thousands of applications to create scheduled tasks.

We are Latinos at heart!

More than 500,000 companies in Latin America have already registered.
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