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What does it mean that Alegra is in the Cloud?

When you say an app is cloud-based it’s because it works over Internet. You won’t have to worry about installing hosting back up updates because everything it’s saved and protected by Alegra, To access you only need to be connected to the Internet over mobile tablet or computer, in any place in the world.

Some examples of cloud services are Dropbox y Facebook.
The cloud is the safest way to save information, it is much safer than doing it on your computer or other local media.

May I bill with Alegra?

Yes. Alegra meets all the requirements so that you may bill.
Alegra generates your invoices as a PDF archive document that you may print or send by email to your client as the original invoice.

What should I take into account before starting?

To begin using the system you only need to register in the system, after you login you’ll find all the help you need to begin billing, registering your expenses, keeping your stock, saving your banks, and many other functions.

It’s very easy, the best way to find out is testing it, create your account here.

Who can use Alegra?

Alegra is designed for micro, small, and medium businesses also for entrepreneurs or freelancers, even for accountants that search for the best system to take to keep the accounting for their clients.

you may bill and keep the administration and accountability of your business in an easy, organized, and updated way. You may hand your information organized you are your accountant or you may manage all the process in Alegra. To know more about our functionalities or create your account right now!.

If I have doubts who would help me?

Our support superheroes are always ready to help you with any doubts you mught have. We have a 5 stars rating as our users are our priority.
Our support is free and unlimited, we could solve all your questions, write us in the form to your left or in the email
Also, we have our Help Center, that is available to you 24 hours of the day.

Is my data safe with Alegra?

Yes. The information you register will always be safe in Alegra and will only be visible to you and the users you authorized.

Alegra is hosted by Amazon Web Services which means that your information will be stored there. It’s one of the best services worldwide and will make automatic backups of your information.

This platform is used by businesses like Dropbox, Twitter, NASA, and Ferrari. Give me sleep tight your information is in the best hands all you have to do is take care your business and Alegra will take care of your information.

Are there any special requirements for my computer?

None, Alegra works over the internet with no restriction. You only need to have internet access on your device.

Is Alegra the ideal solution for my business?

Yes, if you are looking for a simple easy way to keep track of your financial information in a management software.

Alegra is the ideal solution for: freelancers, service business, consulting businesses, stores, among others.

You could send and keep track of your income, expenses banks and inventory.

The best way for you to find out is: create an account now and begin your free trial.

Is there any cancelation policy?

Starting out with Alegra doesn´t involves signing a contract, you just need to accept terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are accepted by both (Users and Alegra).

The payment will be charged according to the payment method you choose and you could end it anytime, there is no permanence policy.

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