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Of course! Your data will only be available to you and those users you’ve given access to. Alegra is hosted by Amazon Web Services, one of the worldwide, best platforms with automatic backup. This web service is used by some giants you may remember such as Dropbox, Twitter, NASA, Ferrari, and many others. Just focus on growing your business, we’ll keep your information safe and sound.

When you say an app is cloud-based it’s because it works over Internet. You won’t have to worry about installing hosting back up updates because everything it’s saved and protected by Alegra. To access you only need to be connected to the Internet over mobile tablet or computer, in any place in the world. Some of the best systems are cloud-based, such as Dropbox, Gmail and Facebook.

Everyone, Alegra is designed for micro, small and medium businesses, and also entrepreneurs freelancers and even accountants looking for a functional software in order to keep track of accounting records and financial control for their clients. Learn more about our features or start your monthly subscription.

None, Alegra works over the internet with no restriction. You only need to have internet access on your device.

Starting out with Alegra doesn´t involves signing a contract, you just need to accepted terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are accepted by both (Users and Alegra). The payment will be charged according to the payment method you choose and you could end it anytime, there is no permanence policy.

Yes, if you are looking for a easy way to keep track of your financial information in a management software.

Alegra is the ideal solution for: freelancers, service business, consulting businesses, stores, between others.

You could send and keep track of your income, expenses banks and inventory. The best way for you to find out is: create an account now and begin your free trial.

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100% cloud-based

Alegra is an online administrative application, designed for small businesses. Being cloud based, you can access your account from any place and device.

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Don´t worry! Your business information will always be safe with us, we use the best security systems. Hosted by Amazon specialized servers, you don´t have to worry about backing up your information or any expensive infrastructure.

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Real-time updates

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